We are fully devoted to our community and want to put our technologies and products to improve the well-being of those around us. As a result, we have developed Konpanion+, a dedicated service designed to support the care industry.

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Loneliness is an epidemic, it increases the chances of chronic illnesses, deteriorates mental health and is increasing amongst all age groups. Social robots can reduce loneliness, however, acceptance of current platforms is not high. Maah provides both an advanced hardware and software platform to support the health industry to help their patients and families regardless of their ages and conditions.



establishing a shared language with users


Co-Design Approach

Co-design is at the heart of our process to understand our clients better than anyone else. Supported by research to ensure rigorous and systemic results for a better approach to robotics, care and well-being.



Maah offers a range of sensors to widen its perception of the world. With the help of care provider specialists, we can identify specific patterns to support patients and carers in a meaningful way.


Experience Centred

With the help of our users and experts in design research, we are focusing on making the experience of Maah as seamless as possible. Technology should be simple to use for every demographic while providing joy and meaningful interactions.


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