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What we do

Konpanion, a family of domestic social robot pets, offers an alternative and an opportunity in the care, well-being and assistive technology markets, tackling key challenges and offering novel solutions.

Our focus on building Konpanion as a holistic lifestyle brand creates endless possibilities for expansion and adaptation through its ecosystem of integrated apps and the introduction of personalization, design options, and accessories.


Drawing inspiration from interior design, nature and art, Maah is our first soft companionship robot; a true hybrid being that realises the promise of form-meets-function with intelligence and grace.

Powered by a newly-developed AI system capable of learning and expressing meaningful emotions through body language and sound, Maah replicates animal empathy beautifully. Unlike robots that offer poor attempts at conversation, Maah plays with your senses and bonds with humans through more natural, non-verbal communication.



Powered by Technology.

Maah combines the elegance of soft robotics with a unique cognitive architecture, allowing for a vibrant range of expression of emotions and a large range of authentic behaviours. As a true digital native, Maah provides its digital-twin with meaningful information from carefully selected sensors.


Driven by Design.

Konpanion is an interior design brand using robotics as a means for lifelike design. We aim to build desirable artefacts, in a true tradition of craftsmanship. We hope to make robotics more humane, and sustainable to improve the well-being and trust of all humanity.


Grounded in Research.

Our focus is to create a personalised and lively companion robot. We are refining its functionalities with the help of our partners in assistive care and research, to provide the best experience for a wide range of users. 

a new breed of companions

Through its unique cognitive architecture Maah is able to replicate animalistic behaviour and is capable of expressing emotion akin to a domestic pet.


wellbeing at our core

Maah provides companionship to alleviate loneliness while providing users with meaningful data through non-invasive sensing, providing a unique opportunity for well-being monitoring and personalized recommendations to the user. 

where craft & technology meet

Maah is a made-to-measure robot, challenging traditional mass manufacturing methods. Using the capacity of Industry 4.0 we are aiming to create robot companions uniquely crafted for each user, reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of our production processes.



explore the possibilities of customisable home robotics

The robe for Maah is unique in the robotic world. We are combining softness, textures and artistic features to enhance the living experience with your little companion. Similar to the body of Maah, each skin is made individually, allowing special orders to be made. We want to be sure that Maah will fit the aesthetics of your home.



through our partnerships we ensure that our technologies are developed alongside those who would benefit most from them. By working alongside public and private sectors we are able to understand the true needs in-situ and provide users with a companion robot that is truly tailored to their situation and needs.

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